BON4 silicone chastity device

BON4 silicone chastity device

  • $198.00 USD

BON4 silicone chastity device

Chastity fans, take a look! All the security of the CB3000 or the CB6000 with the comfort of soft silicone! Great gift box!

Each BON4 Male Chastity device comes with the following:

1 x Cage.

3 x Rings to ensure a good fit.

1 x Brass 15 mm Padlock with 2 keys.

5 x individually numbered plastic locks.

2 x Retaining Straps and 1 x Locking Pin.

Overall length – fully assembled: 111 mm

Internal cage length: 65 mm

Cage opening: 35 mm

Ring Sizes: 41 mm; 47 mm; 52 mm

Material: Premier Grade silicone

Colour: Natural


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