Immobilizer Arm Splints

Immobilizer Arm Splints

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Immobilizer Arm Splints

Use these Sinvention Designed & Crafted leather Immobilizer restraints to attach arms together, to the wearer, or to something else. So many options and so little movement! Pair them with our Padded Fist Mitts for a truly restrictive sensation! Features 12 welded dees and 5 lockable 1" roller buckles on each arm. Dees at the top and bottoms of the splints allow even more bondage options. 

We are the original designers of these very high quality English Bridle leather binders and have been making them for overy a decade. Don't mistake these for the crappy knock offs being made elsewhere, this is an original Sinvention creation using thick stiff leather! 

Now these devilish restraints are even stronger. As an added option for those seeking even more strength, inquire about optional built in thick steel bars to prevent even the strongest person from bending their arms! These are very sexy and functional for almost all bondage scenes! Padlocks sold seperately.


Regular Size fits wrist 6" - 9" and Bicep 11 - 14"

Large Size fits wrist 7" - 11.5" and Bicep 14.5" - 17"

* If you are at the top end of the fit range on the Regular size please consider ordering the Large size set.  Regardless of which size is selected please note that when buckled on the largest fit hole there will be a gap of 1" wide down the center of the splints. 
If you need a custom larger  or shorter set please contact us using the contact form.

HANDMADE FOR YOU AS PER ORDER - Production lead time is approx. 3 - 6 weeks. 

* There may be longer lead times during busy seasons or store wide sales. 

* Please contact us if your order is time sensitive - rush orders may be available upon request for a small fee

MADE IN CANADA by Mother of Sinvention and Father James

* Full customization available upon request.

* Includes a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

"Good things come to those who wait - thank you for your patience while we handcraft your order!"

~ Mother of Sinvention

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